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Document Zill O'll Infinite plus
Game consists of PMF movies / pa.arc / pami.arc
table files are pa.bin / pami.bin

the interesting data is inside pa.arc

The pa/pami.bin table consists of 4 parts:
- PAA table header
- Address table #1 (filename position + file length)
- Address table #2 (Start address)
- Filename table (filenames, duh)

pa.bin/pami.bin PAA header Wrote:0x00: File signature (PAA)
0x04: Blank
0x08: Filecount (in hex)
0x0C: Header Size
0x10: Start address of start address table

Address table #1 Wrote:table starts at 0x20:
each entry is 16 bytes wide, but only the first 8 are needed.
first 4 bytes are Filename position, second 4 are file length.
the remaining 8 are unknown to me since they werent needed for writing modifications, i would advice to not touch them to maintain file functionality.

Address table #2 Wrote:this table starts from the address designated at 0x10 in the file header,
and continues as far as there are entries defined at 0x08 in the file header.
each entry is 4 bytes wide, so the size of this table is the value defined at 0x08 x 4 bytes

Filename table Wrote:this table is followed by the start address table and consists of filenames only.
the filenames contain the full folder path of the file, for example: sound/audio/ebgmwoodsatmosphere.at3

the filenames are aligned by 16-bytes.

I'll do a writeup of the files inside once i get little less lazy.

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