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PlayStation Utawarerumono portable - development
This project log is incomplete since im simply too lazy to copy the existing thread from my now-defunct old forums.

this thread will be kept read-only. Discussions will be at a separate thread.
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This'll propably be the last update for a little while now, as there's basically nothing to say.

we're working on the script and basically everything else is done, aside few stray pieces of text from the battle menus and so.

The completion of the patch however will take a while longer than we originally planned it to, as we are basically completely reworking the script insdead of implementing mirrormoon's translation.

I am still using it as a reference when implementing and rewriting the texts but after that Basic goes through the whole thing and straightens out some things from every here and there.

Im not really sure how "localized" the original translation mirrormoon made is, as i have not seen the japanese pc version's script, but so far what we've done, it doesnt really match the psp versions script very accurately, a lot of descriptive text is either missing or reworded. So we decided to have our own take in it instead of doing a straight implementation.

Since i've only ever had comments from 2 users regarding this patch so far, im not sure how many people are aware of it or waiting for it, but as i stated before, we will be taking our time and making sure everything is just perfect for the release, and that's why there are no release dates, ETA's or any partial patches to toy with.

This patch is being worked by 3 people and we're basically just doing it for ourselves.
(or that was the original idea anyway)
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Christmas is coming and as with that, we're slowing down for a day or two to spend some quality time with our families (not really, we're just gonna browse 4chan instead of working on Utawarerumono :P)

oh well, the script progress is slowing down for a little bit as we are currently working on the item and skill lists, as well as some further UI fixes.

we've also encountered a series of new lovely bugs that need to be sorted out in order to bring forth a perfect gaming experience.

namely, the character names that appear in story dialogue seem to be limited to 15 symbols max, which is a major setback.

currently it causes this:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=99]

and it needs to be sorted out.

the battle UI and system messages UI are generally quite messy still too, as they need a lot of object repositioning which is nothing more than a tedious set of ASM hacks... a lot of ASM hacks...

it's getting there though, and it's pretty much working already, aside looking like a mess and being hastily translated for testing purposes.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=100]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=101]

that's about it for christmas updates I suppose, we'll be back after the holidays for more :)

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Just a quick update before i vanish for holidays afterall :P

aforementioned bugs got sorted out already and the completion of the item engine now rests on getting the item/skill lists translated and cleaned up.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=102]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=103]

TL;DR: we're back on track.

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Christmas and new year are over and we're back at it.

today, the item system was finished and with that, one of the bigger nuisances of the translation work is done and over with.
the itemsystem was a lot more work than just translating 100 items, since the game's UI gave us quite harsh space requirements to deal with.

oh well, it's now been dealt with :)

[Image: attachment.php?aid=106]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=107]

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today's list of things done include a thing or 2.

- the itemsystem is now 100% done.
- passive skill (technique) system is 100% done.
- Eruruw's skill system (alchemy) is now fixed and 100% done.
- unity attacks are now done.
- couple UI fixes for the battle UI were applied.
- general typo fixes and string rewording to make them less retarded.

the Unity attacks are gonna give us a little bit more work than it was supposed to, namely, the help text for the unity attacks is limited to the size of 2x15 symbols and is written into a static buffer. Expanding it requires a completely new buffer so that was left for another day. We kinda need some sleep :P

in the meantime, have a picture :)

[Image: attachment.php?aid=108]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=109]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=110]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=111]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=112]

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a plethora of all kinds of fixes had to be implemented since the last update.
we had the issue with Unity skills help text which used a small static buffer to store it's strings, properly translating those required a new buffer implementation, which is now done.

there was also an issue with long character names in the main story script mode, which caused long character names to overflow into the secondary namebuffer used for the script backlog. Our initial fix of combining the buffers worked fine, until we realized that it will break the namedisplay on the backlog, so another buffer expansion was implemented. The Battle UI and the main UI in general got a set of new stuff fixed, including some last icon repositioning on main menus and and the battle interface. Aside few text aligning, the whole thing is now done graphically. it's already fully translated and working though, so the fixes are just cosmetic ones at this point. As far as the non-story script text goes, whats left to translate is the general save/load messages, and the scene list of the scene selection menu.

Overall we're quite pleased with the progress so far. it's nearly the projects anniversary now, and it's really starting to look like there's less and less to do everyday now.
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Well well....

stupidly high amount of asm hacks, and several rebuilt graphics related things later.

the script line count is now around 5500 which is decent considering that basic has been busy with things that are not utawarerumono lately :P

aside that, the elusive "moji" demo was finally figured out, the graphics translated and implemented, and with that the last remaining image left to translate in this project is the 512x1024 sized ending credits roll.

ever since the battle engine and the general UI were finalized, it's been going through testing and gotten a pile of fixes, adjustments and other kinds of updates, and is now 2 fixes away from being done. This also includes the previously untranslated system and save/laod messages.

tl;dr: there's ending credits, 2 images from the gallery and 2 asm hacks to do, after that, the game is only missing it's main script. :)
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RE: Utawarerumono portable -- Development
We are back at works.

script is nearing 10000 lines done, and i've identified the scripts for the added "training" battles, which will be going into translation soonish (that really depends on how basic feels like working :P)
aside that the story bit is progressing as usual (slowly)

we took some time with binaryfail to update some old tools and replaced the compression algorithm on the script files giving us a tiny bit better results than the one we originally used.

oh well, it'll be interesting to see if the expanded space we made for the elf is actually enough or not, the script's filesize is growing at an alarming rate :P

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