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.Vol, general structure.

0x00: file signature. (RTDP)
0x04: data start address. (header size?)
0x08: number of files.
0x0C: container size.
0x10: unknown (possibly uncompressed size)

0x20: file name (0x20 in size, padded with zeroes)
0x40: file size.
0x44: star address (relative to data start defined in 0x04.)

pattern 0x20 -> 0x48 repeats for each file in the container.

.zzz, general structure.

0x00: file signature.
0x04: uncompressed filesize.

data is zlib compressed and starts from 0x10.
compression sig= 789C

.npk, general structure.

multi-file container, usually contains multiple .zzz files.

0x00: number of files.
0x02: 3 byte value header size / data start address.

0x05: 3-byte value First file end address.
0x08: 3-byte value second file end address.
0x0B: 3-byte value third file end address.

the addresses in the header are absolute addresses of data end.
the data is aligned to 16-bytes.

im not interested of this game really, so dont ask, i'll reverse more of it if i ever feel like it. Not like it's hard anyway, it took me more time to write this forum post than to figure these files out.

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