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Code [PS3] XMB wave unpacker
I was reluctant to release this tool for a multitude of reasons, but eventually decided to give it a go anyway. I would like to point out though, that it's entirely possible to brick your ps3 by messing with this, so do so at your own risk!

This tool unpacks and rebuilds the lines.qrc from dev_flash/vsh/resource/qgl of the ps3's internal flash to allow the Wave effect of the XMB to be modified.

allows all kinds of filesizes so you dont have to worry about keeping the decimals in the numbers you're changing.
Does NOT support adding or removing files from the container.
This is for 2 reasons, 1) because im lazy, and 2) for the security of your own ps3. Removing files from lines.qrc will result in an instant brick of your console. DO NOT TRY IT!

the tool was coded to seek the data table from the original file you unpacked, so it will ignore any additional files you will try to add to the package.

- qrc x <input file> <output dir>
- qrc r <original file> <source dir> <new file>

<original file> the tool seeks for is lines.qrc.uncompress, which is generated automatically when you unpack a lines.qrc using mode x

inside lines.qrc is a folder structure, the files you want to edit are:

1) BACKGROUND.MNU (background image settings and background + wave colors)
2) LINE1.MNU (wave form settings)

.mnu files are plain text files, notepad or equivalent is sufficient for editing.

there are multiple instances of these files inside lines.qrc.
ones in the root of the extracted directory, and additional copies inside /override folder. different folders correspond to different states of the console, and different time of the day.

the original "colors" you can select from the ps3's theme settings are located in /textures/month_bg/rgb and are u8888 mode .dds images, with 5 mipmaps.

I might write a tutorial of editing the values in line1.mnu later on, I've mostly figured out what does what on it, but it still needs a little bit of testing, so i'll hold on to that data for now.

either way, here's an example screenshot from my ps3. (click for fullsize)

[Image: xmb_s.png]

have fun and remember to be careful.

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