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PlayStation Zill O'll infinite plus - development
the executable is now more or less completely translated (missing some less important things like item names in gallery and data install messages.)

aside the text, only thing left to do in that sense is fixing all kinds of text alignment issues which appeared every here and there, from which some are already fixed, and some require some extra effort to poke at.

in addition to what's shown on the project page, the following changes were made since;

- all souls have been translated.
- some more character names have been translated.
- some monster names have been translated.
- menu and battle win screens got some cleanups and text reordering as well as remaining things translated, including level up window, char stats on main menu window, and items/gea gained from battle.
- more locations translated, should now cover all the main cities and some less important places.
- job descriptions were patched to have the mission type in english, however this also requires some extra work since the english text strings are too long to;
1) fit on the screen and
2) too long to fit into the stringbuffer, so a new stringbuffer will have to be allocated for it.
until that is sorted out, the strings are replaced by abbreviations as followed:
src = search missions
kill = extermination missions
esc = escort missions
dlvr = delivery missions

aside that, the job system is now completely translated and the only japnese text left on it are untranslated NPC and location names.

- combat message variables underwent a few changes to make it not so wapanese, it now actually prints;

<char name> uses <weapon/skill name> to <attack command>
instead of;
<charname><weapon/skill><attack command>
without spaces and whatnot.

this string is consisting of 3 variables and will require a lot of work to get to perfectly fucntion, as it tends to still give you all kinds of not-so-well looking messages, such as when selecting normal attack from battle commands, it still says <weapon name>attack. In worst case the entire function to print out those messages has to be rewritten but im hoping i wont have to resort to that... Time will tell.

- in my attempts to map out how the main script of the game works, i made some tests by machine translating various random pieces of the starting scenes and it appears to function fine as far as text insertions go, only thing left for that is to figure out how exactly it determines what it loads since it's a complete mess of nonsense at the moment.

[Image: ULJM05410_00016.png]

[Image: ULJM05410_00017.png]

[Image: ULJM05410_00024.png]

[Image: ULJM05410_00026.png]

[Image: ULJM05410_00027.png]

[Image: ULJM05410_00028.png]

[Image: ULJM05410_00032.png]
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RE: Zill O'll infinite plus - development
well well, the arc rebuilder tool was completed today which allows more effective testing of the script mess, and it be workink ! :P

the scripts themselves are still a real mess (atleast the start scenario script which has 2 million variable ways to play out depending on your choices on the char creator, but i translated a few lines and it plays out pretty nice)

[Image: ULJM05410_00037.png]

[Image: ULJM05410_00039.png]

[Image: ULJM05410_00047.png]

now, does it work without further issues ?
[Image: ULJM05410_00048.png]

....but it looks good so far, this test included messing with the container and sizes of files inside which should be pretty much everything working as far as the filestructure goes.
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RE: Zill O'll infinite plus - development
Since we got the ps2 version hacked and gained access to some less "damaged"
assets, I started touching up some basic graphics a little, so now the effect icons on blacksmith are done, as well as the shop labels in towns, and some other various things were touched up a little. Importing the higher quality character portraits from the ps2 game will not be as simple as I hoped it to be though... more on that later, im still working on a solution :P

meanwhile, i like how this looks:

[Image: ULJM05410_00060.png]

turns into:
[Image: ULJM05410_00059.png]
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RE: Zill O'll infinite plus - development
initial hurr durr on title screen, the logo is completely remade aside the golden "infinite plus" text for which i did not find a suitable replacement font, so i just rendered it off the original image. the "zill o'll" is 100% drawn from scratch, and the ZO dragon with infinity symbol was salvaged from the game data (it's used as a backdrop in another menu.) I quite like it. Bear in mind thought that everything, especially the copyright text at the bottom are just scetches at this point so anything can change :P

[Image: ULJM05410_00070.png]

[Image: ULJM05410_00072.png]
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RE: Zill O'll infinite plus - development
as for the sucking of graphics, like i said, the textbox is a nice example.
Here's the difference of the original, and the same image when properly processed.
both are 256colors.

[Image: ULJM05410_00079.png]

[Image: ULJM05410_00082.png]
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RE: Zill O'll infinite plus - development
slow but steady :P
I havent been able to find a translator for the project yet but aside that some more progress has been done. I've gotten a bit of the script files layout mapped to get a clearer picture of what is where, along with some more stuff sorted out what comes to text strings being misplaced as a result of translations and whatnot. Graphics are also getting there.

- system modules have been patched to english / japanese button map (O = OK)
- majority of misaligned menu texts have been fixed.
- battle graphics have been translated and redone to be unified in style
- font was changed to 2-toned to give it a little depth (not sure if i'll keep it or not)
- menu graphics have been unified.
What this means is that the crappy textured menu background has been deleted and all
menus now have the same dark blue background.
- main menu logo was finalized. Now resembles the original more as far as coloring goes.

images as usual:

V2 of the main menu logo, now with white infinite symbol
[Image: ULJM05410_00084.png]

original 2-colored menus:
[Image: ULJM05410_00107.png]

unified menu style:
[Image: ULJM05410_00114.png]
[Image: ULJM05410_00115.png]
[Image: ULJM05410_00116.png]

on these images, the new shaded font can be seen. As mentioned earlier, I'm not really sure if I like it or not, I'm using it for now to see if it grows on me.
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RE: Zill O'll infinite plus - development
all skill names and skill menus are now translated, and soul names updated.
skill descriptions come once i find out where the hell they are stored lol.

combat mode action log is still broken, along with the HP/MP display font (it's being resized at runtime and i havent located the code responsible for that yet.) Aside that the battle mode font got the same treatment the main font did, it's now 9px tahoma.... well more like 7.2px tahoma until i figure out how to get it to not resize and look like shit... joys of early development patches hooray...

also, 20% of the avatars (20 out of 115 )have been remastered, mostly they just got some color back since the psp ones are using 128 color palettes and are really washed out looking compared to the ps2 ones. The unfortunate fact is though, that due to aspect ratio differences the ps2 source is unusable and im forced to go the hard way and remaster the psp ones. Either way, i dont generally mess with them, aside the few that were completely destoyed (there's 4 avatars that are monochrome and are completely missing a palette) and the hero/heroine avatars were touched up a little more, i gave them their hair, face and eye colors back.
have a pic:

[Image: ULJM05410_00119.png]

omg actually black hair !
[Image: ULJM05410_00122.png]

16 colors my ass... have 256!
[Image: ULJM05410_00123.png]

yes i typoed charge spell, it's actually a skill called "spell charge"
[Image: ULJM05410_00126.png]

much magic. such wow.
[Image: ULJM05410_00127.png]
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RE: Zill O'll infinite plus - development
along other little fixes, the character creator is now functioning a little better than it used to.

the date format was patched to dd.mm instead of mm.dd and alignments of all elements was put in place with the english texts.

[Image: ULJM05410_00057.png]

it's still nowhere near being ready but atleast one thing less to patch. This screen was one of the places that took some major damage from being translated and adopting a new font.
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RE: Zill O'll infinite plus - development
Time to revive this thread too, I've been neglecting my own forum for far too long for my own tastes :P...

as some of you know who follow my twitter, we lately got the Battle UI finally fixed and along with that, quite a bit happened, mostly under the hood, though some more visible changes did happen too, here's a few screenshots:

the battle UI in it's final fixed form (omg readable HP/MP numbers <3)
[Image: ULJM05410_00460.png]

[Image: ULJM05410_00456.png]

along with that, the blacksmith texts got a slight terminology rewamp and I engineered a debug weapon set to aid in testing.... take a note of the attack power :P

[Image: ULJM05410_00437.png]

On the code side, i made a full rewrite of the executable modifications and instead of just keeping a manually patched copy of the elf and quarding it with my life, i rewrote the entire thing into assembly code that can simply be patched into the vanilla elf. Not only it decreases the chances of fucking things up exponentially, it's also far more healthy for our sanity to update the code without digging into convoluted txt files for notes of what's where.

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