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PlayStation Valkyrie profile (ps1)
Since people keep asking about this everytime the undub I made for psp is brought up, I figured i'll finally put it to rest...

now, first things first, if you google a little, a plethora of information is available, but while it appears that a pile of people have attempted to hack it, some succceeding more than the others, a definitive set of methods/tools were never shared, so I got into it on my own....

now, first thing you do is you take apart the cd image (i used usa version disk 1 for my experiments.)

the disk has only 3 files, the SLUS file (executable) a config file, and a huge chunk of data valkyrie.bin.

needless to say, all the data we want to get our hands into is inside that bin file.

it's a filecontainer which consists of table file and all the game data packed after the table file. I'll get back to the contents later since we have to get the data files unpacked first.

if you pop it open on a hex editor, it becomes painfully obvious that the file is protected, the filetable is indeed encrypted. I've talked to a number of people wishing to undub this game and they all tripped on this part...

fast forward 2 days, lots of smoking and coffee later......

the TOC, or filetable consists of 2 parts, each encrypted with a separate key. the other holding the start addresses of data and the other, the filesizes.
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RE: Valkyrie profile (ps1)
well, I've now obtained the encryption keys to get my hands into the tables and figured out how the thing ticks (thanks to kingcom for sparing me from a lot of later debugging due to a mistake i made initially.) so there we are. down with the encryption and onto the extraction.

the contents of the valkyrie.bin are mostly compressed with SLZ-compression, which is a variant of LZSS. valkyrie profile comes with 4 flavors of it, and they have been defeated...

since i suck at programming as per usual, and since this thing is a side thing to poke at to begin with, i've left it at that for now... maybe i'll bother binary to write an extractor someday when we both get bored at whatever it is we're doing, but for now we have more pressing matters to do.

as far as undubbing VP goes, definitely doable. it will happen one day once upon a time.

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