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Code Valkyrie Profile Lenneth FMV's
It looks like I forgot to add subtitles to a couple FMV's on Lenneth when I made the psp undub, so I poked around it for a bit...
scratch that, I forgot the game has softsubs for some FMV's :P
I guess not playing for a decade makes you forget things...
oh well.

I kinda forgot how I originally unpacked the moviepac.dat file for the FMV's so I had to rewrite an unpacker lol...

this little tool unpacks moviepac.dat from valkyrie Profile Lenneth.
I might add a rebuild mode on a later date.

executable and sourcecode provided.

valFMV.exe moviepac.dat

unpacks pmf files into moviepac.dat_extr folder.

works with:
ULUS-10107 Valkyrie Profile - Lenneth [NTSC-US]
ULJM-05101 Valkyrie Profile - Lenneth [NTSC-J]
ULES-00724 Valkyrie Profile - Lenneth [Europe]

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