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PlayStation NGE GOS SE PC->PSP (.gim)
Okay, I extracted all pc translated images and they look fine but without alpha...
So question what to use to see this alpha in paint.net or photoshop (1st better)
Second question about psp extracted from .gim images, they have 1st question problem too + they half cut and image in 2 lines. How fix them, edit, revert back?

Help? :)

Here full script images dump:

Images have same name and all text in place.
If images can be converted to psp format then story would be in english.
Only main menu would need to be fixed then

Plus after packing original .gim back in .THFS game show white images...

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on normal graphics in the game, there is no alpha, but instead all of the images use the first palette entry as their transparent color.

mind you because the game is using the standard gim library, nothing stops you from adding an alpha to the modified images you do, it should work just fine. (just make sure to NEVER use truecolor images on these games. but convert them to maximum of 256 colors.)

paint.net and photosop dont really work with the png's made out of these properly, since they are indexed-mode images and you will need a bit more specialized software for dealing with them. (the spec is too old for modern paint programs to support it, it's quite useless and not really effective compared to normal png's.)

as for "fixing" the position of the text in the images, you will have to code something of your own for that. the text images are 256pixels wide, and just like GFOS2, GFOS1 draws it's screen using 256x*** pixel tiles.

if you wish to convert them to something more sensible, you will have to code a program that will reorder the image into 512x64 pixels, which will make it display as one line. Such a quantizer shouldn't be too hard to make considering that the image dimensions in this case are static.

for an ending note, as far as i know, the english translation of gfos PC was machine translated, so porting that over to psp is not really something you should waste time with. Of course if you still insist on doing so, i wont stop you :P

either way, good luck.
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I dont have skills or knowledge to do programming.
Ok, played a little and all looks fine.
Never know about machine translation of se...
Maybe you talk about original and not se?
If it's true then its no worth touching right now.
But text on images have sense...
Thanks for answer

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